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Winix Zero Pro Air Purifier

Winix Zero Pro air purifier is specifically made for people with COPD, asthma, and airborne allergies. In fact, if you’re battling with any type of allergies or you’re having breathing issues, then consider buying Winix zero air pro purifier today.

It is a 5-stage air purifier filtration system. It is called 5-stage filtration system because the True HEPA filter contains antimicrobial coating in it, which helps to reduce microorganisms unlike other air purifiers that contains only True HEPA filter.

This simply means that all indoor air quality will be free from all harmful pollutants that aggregates asthma and airborne allergies.

It also appears to be very economical as customers has never complained on the increment of their electricity bills.

Winix Zero Pro Air Purifier Review

Winix zero pro air purifier is a 5-stage air purifier system approved and certified by ECARF, Allergy UK, AHAM, and also Energy Star certified.

Its filtration system comprises of fine mesh pre-filter, Advanced activated carbon filter, Cleancel antimicrobial coated True HEPA filter, and Winix PlasmaWave technology. It’s an air purifier with a high class performance and a top class style.

Winix zero pro can be used in the bedroom, living rooms, and large offices up to 120m2.

Sleep mode dims the lights and runs the air purifier in an ultra-silent mode. Whilst the Auto mode with a smart particles sensor technology automatically adjusts the fan speed to maintain clean and purified air.

Who Is Winix Zero Pro Air Purifier Meant For?

Every individual benefits from using Winix zero pro but most beneficiaries are people with different health issues due to airborne pollutants, and people with respiratory related issues such as asthma, COPD, etc.

This air purifier is a cost-effective way to improving indoor air quality all year round. Let’s dig more deeper . . .


The Winix Zero Pro air purifier comes with a wide variety of features that makes it easy to use and maintained.

5-Stage Filtration

Getting indoor air quality clean, pure, and fresh all year round requires a lot of filtration stages as the particulate matters that contaminates the air you breathe is of different sizes.

That’s why, Winix a Korean company had come up with this 5-stage air purifier filtration system called Winix Zero Pro to help give your air extra cleaning for a hassle free breathing/sleep at night. The 5-stage filtration includes:

Washable Pre-filter: It collects large dust particles, to help the other filters last longer.

Advanced AOC Carbon Filters: It filters organic particles that contaminates the indoor air quality from cooking, pets, and cigarette smoke etc. It also reduces household odour.

Cleancel Antimicrobial Coated True HEPA Filter: It removes up 99.9% of all dust particles in the air like fine dust, allergens, fungi, and pollen.

Note that it is called 5-stage filtration system because the True HEPA filter contain ‘Antimicrobial coating‘ in it, which helps to reduce microorganism in the indoor air.

PlasmaWave Technology: It creates Hydroxyl molecules that naturally neutralise viruses, bacteria, and gases, without producing harmful ozone.

Particle Sensor

This feature uses a long bar in the front of the air purifier to indicates the air quality using coloured lighting: blue light means the air quality is good, Amber means is dirty, and red mean is bad.

Odour Sensor

This feature indicates the air quality using coloured lighting.

Sleep Mode

The sleep mode feature is very important especially for light sleepers and babies in other not to wake them up from sleep. It simply dims the lights and runs the filtration in silent mode to enable you sleep well and sound.

Fan Speed

You can manually set the fan speed to 4 different positions or simply leave it in Auto Mode.

Air Flow

This feature ensures that the air circulates well and sucks in dust from all corners

Auto Mode

This feature automatically adjusts the fan speed when the dust sensor detects more or fewer harmful dust particles. So with this feature you’re sure of having constant air quality in good condition.

NOTE: If the machine is on Auto then it’s dark, it automatically put itself into sleep mode. This turns the light off and also turns the air flow right down and it stays there; no longer adjusting itself to air quality. This may well not ensure clean air, as there is no way to have it functioning properly on Auto in the dark.

So the only remedy for this challenge as stated by Winix is to use the air purifier on Manual at a high setting to be reasonably sure of clean air.


Anyone with health issues, respiratory related issues, allergies, I recommend Winix zero pro air purifier for you. It will make a whole lots of difference to your health and breathing.

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