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Winix Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology (C545)

Winix C545 Air Filter Types

The first part of our Winix C545 air purifier review will cover the air cleaning performance of this unit.

The Winix C545 uses a 4 stage air filtration system, which is a step above the previous Winix C535 air purifier (another popular model).

The filters included in this unit are the following:

  • Pre-filter – The fine mesh pre-filter is in place to capture large contaminants, including hair, dust, and dirt particles. This is a permanent filter, so you can clean it over and over again without having to pay for a replacement.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – This filter is in place to reduce indoor odors that come from cooking, pets, smoke, and office equipment. It also has the ability to remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, which are invisible toxins that most homes and offices contain.
  • True HEPA Filter – This powerful filter captures microscopic pollutants that might be floating in your air. It traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, including pollen, mold spores, allergens, bacteria, smoke, and pet dander.
  • Winix PlasmaWave – This is a patented technology by Winix that enhances the air cleaning power of the air purifier. PlasmaWave uses natural water vapor to attack pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, germs, odors, and chemical gases. PlasmaWave is the safest way to break apart harmful pollutants to make the air around you safe and clean to breathe. No other brand includes it.

Winix C545 Top Features

This Winix C545 review wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the top features on this air purifier.

While this is not an exhaustive list of every feature available, it does highlight the ones you’ll enjoy most.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled – Using the Winix Smart App you can control the Winix C545 air purifier from your smartphone or other mobile devices. You can monitor the indoor air quality, set a timer, or create a schedule for the unit to run at various times during the week. The app also functions as a remote, so you can control the air purifier no matter where you’re located.
  • Remote Control — This is available if you don’t want to use the WiFi features.
  • Air Quality Indicator – LED lights on the air purifier display real-time information about the air quality in the room. You know exactly how good or bad the air around you is at all times. Blue = Good; Orange = Fair; Red = Poor.
  • Smart Sensors — These sensors monitor the air for pollutants and work in conjunction with the automatic modes.
  • Auto Mode — When you put the Winix C545 into auto mode, you won’t have to worry about how well it’s running. It will monitor the air quality in the room and adjust the fan speed according to the environment’s needs. This is the best way to get the cleanest, freshest air circulating throughout the room.
  • Sleep Mode — This mode is available to keep the air purifier as quiet as possible during the night.
  • Filter Change Indicator – A light on the air purifier will let you know when it’s time to replace the filters, ensuring that the unit is working properly to remove harmful particles from the air.

As you can see, the Winix air purifier C545 has a number of useful features that make this a powerful and easy to use air cleaning device.

Winix C545 Design and Size]

The Winix C545 Wi-Fi air purifier is rectangular in shape, although the edges are softened with rounded corners, and the top has a swoop to make it less boxy-looking as you’ll find in other Winix air purifier models.

The air intake covers the entire front of the unit, so it has a bigger surface area to take in large quantities of air.

The air outlet is located on top as well as the control panel.

The Winix C545 4 stage air purifier comes in white, so it will match with any color scheme or décor you have in your home.

Who is the Winix C545 Air Purifier for?

The Winix C545 4 stage air purifier does a great job of removing harmful pollutants from the air, so anyone will benefit from using it.

With the combination of a True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter, and PlasmaWave technology, there are no contaminants that this air purifier cannot tackle.

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