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Winix A231 Tower H13 True HEPA 4-Stage Air Purifier

Winix A231 Tower H13

Super Easy To Use

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this air purifier is its design. Not only is it sleek, small, and neat, but this design makes using this air purifier extremely easy.

To use this air purifier, all you need to do is press one of several buttons. Each button is on the top of the air purifier, and they are all outlined and delineated with precision and specificity. You will never be confused as to what does what, which makes using this air purifier a truly effortless process.

Good For Small/Medium Spaces

Just as mentioned in the last section, this is a small air purifier. Rather than taking up a lot of space, you can set this air purifier on a table, desk, or nightstand – among so many other surfaces – and it will work just fine.

Winix A231 Tower H13

Since this is a small air purifier, though, it is meant for small and medium-sized spaces. For large spaces, this air purifier simply won’t work very well, because the Maximum Area Coverage that it offers is not enough for those spaces.

The total Maximum Area Coverage of this air purifier is 230 square-feet. This Maximum Area Coverage is more than sufficient for spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. So, if you would like to purify a space of that sort, assuming it isn’t too large, then this air purifier will work very well for you.

Excellent Air Purification Mechanisms

Within this air purifier, there are three air purification mechanisms. Each one of these air purification mechanisms is relatively simple, and by making use of them, you are able to remove the nasty particles from your air.

The first of these air purification mechanisms is a fine mesh Pre-Filter. As air passes through this Pre-Filter, all of the larger particles within that air are removed. That way, those particles are not only eliminated from your air, but they don’t conflict with the rest of the air purification process.

Winix A231 Tower H13

Right after that, air passes through an Activated Carbon Filter. Moving through this filter allows all of the bad smells and odors to be eliminated from your air. That way, if there are bad smells in your space, they will be removed, and the air coming out of this air purifier will smell very nice.

The last filter that this air purifier uses is a True-HEPA Filter. By making use of this True-HEPA Filter, all of the smallest allergens, germs, and other particles are thoroughly removed. That way, your air is truly as clean as it can be.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Air Purifier

In the end, the Winix A231 Tower H13 Air Purifier is a fantastic air purifier! If you are looking for an air purifier that is affordable, efficient, and convenient, then it will serve you very well!

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